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Ÿ cuttlefish! Ÿ

what's a cuttlefish?

cuttlefish are marine animals. they are:

  • from the mollusc phylum (aka the phylum with snails, slugs, scallops, and... cephalopods)
  • from the cephalopod class (aka the class with squids, octopuses [YES THE CORRECT PLURAL IS OCTOPUSES, NOT OCTOPI], nautili, and others.... including cuttlefish)
  • from the coleoid subclass (soft-bodied cephalopods)
  • from the decapodiform superorder (ten-limbed cephalopods)
  • from the sepiida order (cuttlefish! and bottletail squids but let's just ignore that for now)
  • TLDR: cuttlefish are closely related to squids and octopuses, lack shells (seperating them from their nautilus cousins), and have ten limbs. eight arms and two tentacles, to be specific.

    a more thorough description of their appearance - generalized to fit most cuttlefish species

    cuttlefish (*usually) have an oval shaped mantle, which holds their cuttlebone (buoyancy organ, its almost like an internal shell. i don't know how to describe the shape. if you've ever owned birds like parakeets, you've likely fed them to your birds - its like.. a slightly pointed oval made of calcium.) and the rest of their organs. they have two eyes on the side (?) of their heads and eight arms arranged in a circular form around their beak (think of an octopus, but instead of having all the tentacles splayed out on the ground, it's floating and has all tentacles forward, but not flattened. sorry if this description makes no sense). they have two long tentacles usually hidden away, used for hunting and.. mating i think? their mantle has two fins along the sides that are used to move through the water. they have a siphon that shoots out water for jet propulsion and ink for evading predators and.. possibly mating displays?

    general facts about them

  • cuttlefish eat crustaceans, fish, and sometimes other cephalopods
  • cuttlefish have cromatophores, meaning they can change colors to camoflauge. however, they can also CHANGE THE TEXTURE OF THEIR SKIN. come on. tell me that isn't awesome. it's like goosebumps but voluntary and way more intense
  • their ink is a reddish-brown color, also known as.... sepia. yes thats where i got that name from. it also happens to be their genus
  • assorted stuff :D

    animated-squid-and-cuttlefish-image-0015 i love cuttlefish

    rating cuttlefish characters

  • cuttlefish item from spiritfarer:

    never played this game but the cuttlefish looks rlly cute :) its just an item that u fish tho so 5/10
  • captain cuttlefish:

    he isn't actually a cuttlefish but he's cool! mr dehydrated squid. 3/10 only cuz he isnt even a cuttlefish
  • aye from monster high:

    the eyepatch is cool and it's a nice stylization of a cuttlefish :D he's also a pirate so that makes him 10x more awesome. honestly? 9/10 just because i haven't actually watched the movie he's in.